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The “Art” of the Sale

Over 85% of home sales are made from seeing the image first online or in printed material. Knowing this, why would you want to risk a potential sale due to a bad image? 

Real Estate professionals know that great marketing requires great images. Not only for the sale, but for the next listing. Often, those wishing to list their home seek out Realtors that use professional images in their marketing.



By far interiors are the most difficult to shoot as the photographer is dealing with the many different colors of light that can be present. Michael’s Photography employs a number of different techniques to make sure that the light is not only right, but flattering to the room. 

We use a number of different off camera flashes, light stands, color correcting gels, and other tools and techniques on every shoot.

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Although interiors are difficult, the exterior of a home is the money shot. This is the shot that invites the potential buyer to learn more about the home. In short, if the exterior isn’t inviting, the potential buyer will move on to another home.

Again lighting is a key ingredient to obtaining a good exterior image. This can be done by photographing the home when the light is complimenting the home or creating a twilight shot.


Great Success In 2017

2017 was a great year for our clients as many of the homes we shot sold in less than 30 days. Some sold in just a couple of weeks.

We’re not taking the credit for the fast home sales, but our clients let us know that the images we provided played  a major part.

We, and our clients, are expecting the same in 2018.

Michael's Photography

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After the shoot we edit the images to be delivered. Once complete you will be given a link with Pin# to access and download your images. We include high resolution images for print and low resolution images for the internet, which are MLS ready.