1200 West Denver

This beautiful home in Greenwood, Ar is now on the market and offered by Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate in Van Buren (link below article).

This three bedroom 2-1/2 bath home has all the space, amenities, and comfort anyone would find appealing in their home. Did I mention space? Not only on the inside, plenty on the outside. Shaded with a huge side and back yard that is lined with trees.

While shooting this home a red tailed hawk made an appearance, giving me the idea that one could look out the window every morning and see all kinds of wildlife starting their day.

This home is located at 1200 West Denver in Greenwood, Ar. Contact Matthew Yancey for to schedule a showing by calling (479) 922-2041 or visiting his website at matthewyancey.com.

Thanks, and talk soon…