Sometimes You Just Get Lucky. I’ll Take It!

In addition to my Real Estate and Commercial photography services, I have a passion for wildlife photography. I think that anyone that has this passion thinks about how cool it would be to work as a photographer for National Geographic. For the most part the days of being a National Geo staff photographer are gone. Today, it’s all contract work. Still, it’d be fun to be on assignment for National Geographic or to even have one of you images published in their magazine.

For anyone that photographs any kind of wildlife, they know that it’s wait, wait a little more, and then wait some more. Usually this waiting begins in the wee hours of the morning as most are on location and setup before sunrise. This means getting up early (an hour or two before sunrise), loading your gear, hiking through the woods in the dark, with hopes of getting one good shot.

There are locations that are within an hour or two of Fort Smith that I’ve scouted and hope to be able to shoot one day. But that would mean getting up even earlier (or getting a hotel near the location), and so far that just hasn’t happened yet. So, I pretty much focus my wildlife photography to within a 20 mile radius.

Sometimes though, you just get lucky. As was the case a few days ago. I was sitting in my heated urban blind (house) and noticed a huge shadow pass by my the kitchen window. I knew it wasn’t a human and that it had to be some type of a large bird. I looked and a immature hawk had perched on my fence. I quickly got out my camera and 300mm lens, cracked open the backdoor and was able to get a few shots before it decided to move on…

So, sometimes you just get lucky… and I’ll take it!

Talk soon…