Most Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. How far from Fort Smith do you travel for a shoot?
A. As far as you need. Local area is within a 20 mile radius of Ft. Smith (72908). If outside this 20 mile radius, additional fees will be required. A local service area map can be found on the Services & Rates page.

Q. Do I own the pictures delivered?
A. No. Michael’s Photography retains all ownership and copyrights for the images. You are provided with a non-transferable license to use the images as specified on the license. We would discuss your use need before scheduling. Use for any other purpose would require a separate license and fee.

Q. I’m not getting this license thing. Why do I need a license to use the images?
A. The images provided are a created work which is copyright by the creator/owner. In order to use the created work the owner would issue a license so that the created work could be used within the terms of that license by the licensee. It’s like a radio station that plays music. The radio station is paying a license fee in order to play the music heard on their radio station. However, if a store was to play the radio station in their store, they (the store) would require a separate license to do so.

Q. Will the pictures you deliver have watermarks?
A. No. Watermarks only appear on images in the proof gallery. The images you download will not have the watermark.

Q. If I called today, how soon would you be able to shoot my property?
A. This would depend on a number of factors such as my schedule, weather, property location… But I would make every attempt to schedule according to your needs.

Q. I own the property and will be selling as FSBO (For Sale By Owner), can I use your services?
A. Absolutely. I shoot a lot of properties for property owners. 

Q. I have rentals (apartments, homes, offices…) and would like images of my rentals. Do you photograph rental properties?
A. Yes, happy to photograph rentals. However there is a different fee structure for rental properties. Please call me at 479.222.6291 for more information.

Q. Why would I need images in high and low resolution?
A. I provide you with copies of all images delivered in high and low resolution so you have the correct type of image for your intended use. You would use the high resolution images for any printed material and the low resolution for use on the internet (MLS, websites, social media…). 

Q. I have a smart phone that takes great pictures, why should I use a professional photographer for my properties?
A. I’m thinking that if this is a question, you already know the answer. Smart phones can take great pictures, and even though they are advertised as being able to take a great picture, they are still basically advanced point and shoot cameras. Great for recording personal memories but not so much for commercial work. 

Q. Do you photograph commercial businesses (not residential) that are for sale?
A. Yes. I work with Commercial Real Estate Brokers from all over the country that represent properties in and around the Fort Smith area. The rate structure for commercial business properties is different from residential, please call me at 479.222.6291 for a quote.

Q. Is Real Estate all you photograph?
A. No, I’m available for any type of commercial photography need.

Q. Do you photograph weddings, engagements, seniors…?
A. No. I am only available for commercial photography.

Q. Do you offer drone photography?
A. Not yet, but soon. The drone has been purchased, insurance is in place, and will be obtaining the license in the next 60 days.

*Please note that if you hire a drone photographer that is not licensed by the FAA to use their drone commercially, the operator can face fines up to $1000 while the person who contracted the operator can receive fines up to $10,000. Should you be the owner of the drone, not licensed to use your drone for commercial purposes, and use images from the drone to market your property, you could face fines up to $11,000.