Real Estate Photography Workshop

Real Estate Photography Training
2-Day Workshop
Open to licensed real estate brokers, agents, and staff

The Real Estate Photography Workshop

As a real estate professional you have to make marketing decisions for each listing. The listing price will often determine the marketing budget for a property. You hire a professional photographer to shoot the property with a higher listing price while you, or one of your staff, will take pictures of the other properties.

You open your listings page and notice a great inconsistency. The difference in the marketing images between the higher and lower priced listings is significant. You see it, others see it as well. This bothers you, and it should.

It is true that professional images of a property will often help sell the property faster and for a higher price at closing. Something not often talked about is how professional images of a property bring more listings.

Often a seller will research real estate companies, brokers, and agents to determine with whom they will list their property. They are looking for someone that they believe will market their property in a way that will bring a faster sell. Images of current listings are the first thing they notice and will greatly influence their final decision.

But the fact remains that it’s not financially feasible to use a professional photographer for every listing. You can, however, learn how to to take better images of your listings when a professional photographer isn’t in the budget. This will allow all of your listings to have a professional consistency which will attract more listings.

This is the purpose of the Real Estate Photography Workshop. To learn how to take better images of your property listings that don’t provide a budget for a professional photographer. Normally these properties are listed for less than $100,000.

The Workshop...

  • 2-Day Workshop
  • Classroom & On Location
  • Basic RE Photography
  • Camera (no smartphones)
  • Lens
  • Tripod
  • Tripod Head
  • Aperture, Shutter, ISO
  • Composition
  • Image Culling
  • Basic Lightroom
  • Basic Photoshop
  • Processing
  • Final Images
  • Copyright & Licensing


We begin in the classroom, well actually our studio. Here we’ll cover the basics of real estate photography. This includes the must have equipment as well as discussing the different cameras, lenses, and equipment you may wish to purchase.

On Location

We will travel to your listing and do a full shoot of the property. Here you will get hands-on instruction for the basics of shooting a lower priced listing.

Image Processing

We’ve got the pictures, now it’s time to edit them using Lightroom and Photoshop. You’ll learn basic editing techniques to make your images pop and how to prepare them for print or internet use.

The Real Estate Photography Workshop

Available to licensed real estate professionals and their staff

Day 1

Have a camera and lens you already use? Bring it with you. If not, we have cameras and lenses available that you can use. Keep in mind that this workshop is not for smartphone photography.


We’ll begin in our studio where you’ll learn about the basics of real estate photography. You’ll quickly start working with a camera and learning the proper settings for shooting real estate.

On Location

Once we finish in the studio we’ll head over to your listing that you wish to shoot. We’ll shoot the entire home (interior and exterior). Here you’ll gain hands-on experience for how to properly shoot a home listed for less than $100,000.

Day 2

At the studio to edit the images from the shoot of your listing. You’ll want to bring your laptop so that you can follow along and learn basic editing techniques and workflow. The final images are yours to use for your listing.

Editing & Processing

We’ll take the images shot of your listing and begin the editing process. From culling the images to the final “ready to use” images, you’ll get hands on with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Copyright & Licensing

We’ll finish up your workshop discussing copyrights and licensing. This includes creating a photo release and a licensing authorization for your images.

Real Estate Photography Workshop

This workshop is conducted in order for you, a licensed real estate professional or your staff, to learn how to take better images of your low end listings, with minimal equipment. This workshop is not  a real estate photography course.

Although having a DSLR and lens to attend this workshop is recommend, it’s not required. If you don’t already have a DSLR and lens, we recommend not making a purchase until after you have attended this workshop.

This workshop does not include smartphone photography. Smartphone photography has its place, but not ideal for real estate photography.

Although we will discuss flash and different lighting techniques, we will only use one flash when on location, as an introduction to using a flash with your own images.

What You’ll Need…

• Proof of being a licensed real estate broker, agent, or employee
• A low end listing (preferably yours) for location shoot
• Laptop computer (Apple or PC)

What You Don’t Need… but bring if you have

• Lens
• Off Camera Flash Unit (speedlight)
• Tripod
• Tripod Head
• Remote Shutter Release

Workshop Days & Times…

Days: Monday – Sunday on 2 consecutive days.
Times: 9A.M. – 4P.M. Both days with a lunch break each day.


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